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Refund and Return Policy

The present rules determine Eurostandarte return of funds procedures.
A return and refund policy outlines how, when, and under what conditions the Client can return the funds.

  • The purpose of this policy is a prevention of conflicts between the Client and the Company, as well as reduction of risks related to AML, observance of the principles of the Policy of counteraction of money-laundering and countering of financing of terrorist activity.
  • The Company has the right to block an access to the private trading account, to suspend the trading activity, to cancel the demand for input-output transactions, or to make return of funds if the source of the following funds or activity of the Client contradicts the AML policy or financing terrorism activities.
  • The Company doesn’t cancel the processed transactions therefore the Company has the right to return money to the Client if no trading activity was recorded within a month since account replenishment.
  • The Company has the right at certain objective reasons and in case of need to make return of funds, received through any payment system, including credit/debit cards. Thus, return of funds will be executed via crypto wallets or wire transfers that the customer used.
  • In case the Company classifies the Client’s activity as inappropriate one, indirect, illegal, unfair or it contradicts the Terms of Use, the Company has the right to take actions without informing the Client beforehand.
  • The company will take all necessary measures to prevent and block both input, and withdrawal of funds by third parties. Input and output of funds from the account can be carried out only by the account holder itself.

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